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Hiring is time consuming and challenging.

As much as 

25 hours

of your week are wasted on hiring tasks that Hire Faster can do for you.

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Most interviews are scheduled 2–3 days after an application is submitted.

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How does it work?

We start scheduling more interviews directly on your calendar while you’re getting other work done — or even while you’re sleeping.

We help you get applicants excited about the opportunity which helps decrease the number of applicants who don’t show for their interview.

Watch how much better your business operates once you have a fully staffed team.

Sounds awesome, but does it work?

Heidi can help you hire in any industry from healthcare to banking and everything in between. 

Hire Faster

$297/per month

+ a one-time setup fee based on the number job titles

Pay annually and get two months free.
No hiring fees, agency fees

And what does it cost?